Expert Air Knife Vacuum Excavation in Rockford, IL

Revolutionizing Rockford’s Construction and Utility Projects

Air knife vacuum excavation is a cutting-edge approach that is transforming the excavation landscape. This innovative technique, also known as air knife excavation, air knife drilling, or air knife digging, is reshaping how construction and utility projects are conducted in Rockford. It offers an unparalleled blend of efficiency and environmental consciousness.

What is Air Knife Vacuum Excavation?

Air knife vacuum excavation is a groundbreaking method in the excavation sector. This “soft dig” technique allows for the removal of subsurface materials using non-invasive means, avoiding the use of heavy machinery. High-pressure compressed air is utilized to break up the ground, with the loosened material then vacuumed into a storage tank or a 55-gallon drum.

Introducing the Utilivac VE75 Vacuum System in Rockford

CABENO Environmental proudly introduces the Utilivac VE75 vacuum system. This state-of-the-art, portable system enhances the air knife excavation process, offering a compact alternative to bulky vacuum trucks. Its ease of maneuverability makes it a perfect fit for diverse applications in and around Rockford.


  • Dimensions: 68″ x 8.25″ x 12.75″
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Vacuum flow: 850 CFM
  • Vacuum lift: 22″ Hg or 25′ H2O
  • Air Lance: High PSI compressed air

The Air Knife Process in Action

The process starts with an air lance directing compressed air into the ground. This air fractures and loosens the soil and other subsurface materials, which are then captured by the vacuum system and efficiently stored.

Applications in Rockford, IL

Air knife vacuum excavation is incredibly versatile, making it ideal for various projects in Rockford:

  • Utility locating and repair:
    Safely expose and repair utilities with minimal disruption.
  • Environmental remediation:
    Efficiently remove contaminated soil.
  • Tree root preservation:
    Protect trees during nearby excavation.
  • Archaeological digs:
    Uncover artifacts gently and precisely.

Benefits for Rockford Clients

  • Enhanced safety:
    Reduced risk of damaging underground utilities or structures.
  • Environmental friendliness:
    Remove soil with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Increased efficiency:
    Faster and more precise than traditional methods.
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    Avoids potential repair costs and reduces labor expenses.
  • Versatility:
    Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Choose CABENO Environmental in Rockford, IL

CABENO Environmental stands as Rockford’s trusted air knife excavation expert. With our Utilivac VE75 vacuum system, we offer top-tier, eco-friendly excavation solutions. Our team’s expertise in air knife drilling, digging, and vacuum excavation ensures that your projects are completed efficiently while preserving the environment.

For your next excavation project in Rockford, choose CABENO Environmental for unmatched quality and service. Contact us to explore how we can support your project goals with our innovative excavation solutions.

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