Hollow Stem Auger Drilling—Efficient Soil Sampling Solutions

In the environmental and geotechnical industries, obtaining accurate and reliable soil samples is crucial for site characterization, remediation, and monitoring activities. Hollow stem auger drilling, also referred to as hollow stem auger boring, is a popular and versatile method that allows for the collection of high-quality samples while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

CABENO Environmental, a leader in environmental services, offers industry leading hollow stem auger drilling services to ensure accurate and reliable results for your projects.

What is Hollow Stem Auger Drilling?

Hollow stem auger drilling is a technique that uses a series of hollow, interconnected augers to bore into the ground and create a cased hole for soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, or well installation. As the augers are advanced into the ground, the hollow stem allows for the removal of soil cuttings, which are brought to the surface and collected for analysis or disposal.

The hollow stem auger method provides several benefits, including efficient boring, reduced cross-contamination, and the ability to install monitoring wells through the outer casing.

How Does Hollow Stem Auger Drilling Work?

This drilling process involves the use of specialized drilling equipment to advance a series of hollow, interconnected augers into the ground. As the hollow augers are rotated and advanced, the soil cuttings are captured within the hollow stem and brought to the surface for collection and analysis. Once the desired depth is reached, various sampling tools can be inserted through the hollow stem to collect continuous or discrete soil samples, groundwater samples, or to install monitoring wells.

CABENO Environmental’s Expertise

CABENO Environmental is a trusted provider of hollow stem auger drilling services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians to deliver accurate and efficient soil sampling solutions. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of applications, ensuring that we can provide the highest level of service for your specific project requirements.

Drilling Process Capabilities

CABENO Environmental offers a variety of auger rigs, pilot bits, and drill rig techniques to optimize hollow stem auger drilling for your project, including:

  • Macro-Core Sampling System: This system consists of a 2-inch O.D. x 60-inch long sample barrel for continuous soil core recovery. The sampling system recovers a sample 1.5-inch x 60-inches in length. Samples are recovered in clear plastic liners, allowing for easy visual inspection and analysis. An optional piston point can be used to deflect slough in loose holes or to collect discrete samples at any desired depth.

  • 3.25-inch Dual Tube Sampling System: This system comprises a 3.25-inch O.D. casing with a 2.75-inch O.D. inner sampling rod system. The dual tube sampling system offers the benefits of a cased hole, such as faster coring for sampling in intervals deeper than 20-feet, eliminating cross-contamination, and the ability to perform bottom-up pressure grouting while retracting the outer casing. Additionally, monitoring wells can be set through the outer casing.

  • Hollow Stem Auger System: Our system allows clients to advance 4.25-inch and 6.25-inch I.D. augers to depths of up to 50-feet below the ground surface. This versatile system enables the installation of conventional 2-inch and 4-inch diameter monitoring wells, providing a reliable solution for groundwater monitoring and environmental assessment projects.

  • Spring Point Groundwater Sampling System: This innovative system permits users to obtain groundwater samples at depth. The sampler allows for the deployment of a sealed stainless steel screen to depth, where it can be opened to obtain a water sample. Tubing with a bottom check valve or mini-bailer can be inserted into the bore of the screen, allowing for sampling of groundwater and non-aqueous phase contaminants.

Additionally, removal of the grout plug at the base of the sampler screen enables the insertion of a grout tube from the surface through the screen point, facilitating easy sealing and abandonment of the borehole upon completion.

Why Choose CABENO Environmental?

CABENO Environmental’s commitment to excellence makes us the ideal choice for your project needs. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every project is executed with the utmost attention to detail, accuracy, and efficiency. Here are some reasons to choose CABENO Environmental for your hollow stem auger drilling needs:

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in hollow stem auger drilling, enabling us to handle a wide range of project requirements and overcome various challenges. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and best practices to ensure the highest quality results.

  • Comprehensive Services: CABENO Environmental offers a full range of hollow stem auger drilling services, from site assessment and sampling to monitoring well installation and abandonment. Our comprehensive solutions make us a one-stop shop for your environmental and geotechnical project needs.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We utilize cutting-edge equipment and advanced drilling techniques to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of our drilling services. Our commitment to utilizing the latest technology ensures that your project is completed to the highest standards.

  • Safety and Compliance: CABENO Environmental prioritizes the safety of our team members and clients, as well as the protection of the environment. We adhere to strict safety protocols and regulatory requirements to ensure that every project is completed safely and responsibly.

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our team works closely with you to develop a customized drilling plan that aligns with your project goals and timeline.

When it comes to hollow stem auger drilling methods, CABENO Environmental is a trusted partner you can rely on for accurate, efficient, and environmentally responsible drilling and sampling solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and learn more about how all of our services can help you achieve your goals.

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