In Situ Remediation Services

CABENO has extensive experience with in-situ amendments, including a trade marked process for introducing amendments into the subsurface with cohesive soils: SlowRem™.

CABENO’s experience includes using most oxidizers:

  • Persulfates
  • Permanganates
  • Peroxides

Extensive experience using enhanced reductive de-chlorination amendments:

  • Emulsified zero valent iron
  • HRC* and HRC Advanced*
  • Lactates
  • Vegetable based oil

Surfactants and Bio-enhancement products:

Carbon based permeable reactive barriers:

  • PlumeStop*
  • BOS 100*

Each site is unique and requires strategizing. CABENO works directly with clients to develop the best strategy to introduce the amendment into the subsurface and then implement the strategy. This may consist of injections through the probe rods, installation of injection wells, slow feed – low pressure systems, and/or soil mixing.

CABENO has it’s own “secret sauce” blend of compounds for remediation of hydrocarbon implanted sites. It is a three part mix made up of aerobic hydrocarbon degrading bacteria, enzyme based surfactant, and calcium peroxide.

CABENO has experience soil mixing, injecting inside dry creaners, soil mixing inside strip malls, injecting at active gas station, along roadsides, inside truck docks, environmentally sensitive areas, etc.

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