Non-Ionic Surface Cleaner

DECON-ITDECON-IT Environmental Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Products are comprised of proprietary blends of non-ionic surfactant formulations that have scientifically proven ability to desorb and liberate sorbed (adsorbed and absorbed) petroleum hydro-carbons (i.e. jet fuel, Diesel, motor oils and grease, chlorinated solvents, lubricants, Bunker-C), PCB and related residues from a wide range of surfaces.

DECON-IT Advantages:

  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Phosphate Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Irritating
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Easy Rinsing
  • Faster Than Conventional Products
  • pH Neutral

DECON-IT has many applications that can help eliminate the hazards of contaminants in the workplace, from laboratories, to commercial and industrial facilities, to oil and gas drilling and processing environments. The product’s advantages make it deal from cleaning surfaces and materials including: glass, stainless steel metals, plastic, fiberglass, cement, porcelain, and ceramics. DECON-IT is sprayable and can be used in steam injection cleaning, circulated or left to stand. DECON-IT can also be applied by hand as a cleaner with a sponge, brush or cloth.

DECON-IT Non-Ionic Surface Cleaner

Deconit is a superior cleaning agent and decontamination product. For years, I used Alconox and Simple Green out in the field, and neither product can compare to the effectiveness and great smell of Deconit. Get some Deconit into a spray bottle and you are good to go!” – Fran Sosic, Murex Environmental.

We have used it to decon field equipment after use and it seems to work out well.” – Troy Fowler, Hart Crowser, Inc.

I loved the product. It was easy to use, left no film or residue behind, and made cleaning quick.” – Drew R. Priolo, SCS Engineers.

Everyone loves it and we will be purchasing more when we are running low.” – David Ring, Geotechnical Services, Inc.

I really liked it. There wasn’t that much work in getting a water level meter clean and let me tell you it was NASTY! Usually I would have to scrub it, but with some warm water and the DeConIT, it came out great. I had Petroleum of 2 feet on the tape, from a monitoring well, I can actually see the numbers and it looks like nothing was on it before.” – Nicole D. Motto, LiRo Engineers, Inc.

Before Using DECON-IT Using DECON-IT


Decon-It DECG, DEC2G

Decon-It DECG – 1 gallon $90.00
Decon-It DEC2G – 2.5 gallons $225.00
Decon-It DEC5G – 5 gallons $412.00

Decon-It DEC55GD

Decon-It DEC55GD – 55 gallon drum $6,500.00
Decon-It DEC265GT – 265 gallon tote $19,450.00


Decon-It DECQ – 1 quart bottle $23.00
Decon-It DECQC – 1 case (12 – 1 quart bottles) $249.00

Petro Wipes PETW

Petro Wipes PETW – $1.00 / Package

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