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Environmental Cleaning and Oil Spill Cleanup Products

CABENO Environmental offers a wide variety of products that cater to the needs of the construction, industrial, and residential industries. Whether you need a commercial grease cleaner, an oil stain remover for your driveway, or the best oil stain remover for concrete, we have an environmentally friendly option available.

CABENO Oil Stain Remover

Our oil stain remover is a revolutionary product that eliminates the hassle of cleaning oil, grease, and food stains. Our cost-effective and natural solution ensures that you save valuable time, resources, and money. Our oil stain remover / concrete cleaner is perfect for removing oil stains from your driveway, commercial garage floors, residential patios, and any other area where oil spills and stains are a common occurrence.

We use all green and natural ingredients to ensure that our product is safe for use on all surfaces and the surrounding environment.


OSEII is another plant-based and environmentally friendly product offered by Cabeno Environmental. This product breaks down any hydrocarbon into a natural food source for native bacteria in the environment. The result of the native bacteria degradation process is CO2 and water. OSEII is not a bacteria, fertilizer or dispersant.

Our product is perfect for those looking for a natural and safe solution for any size or type of hydrocarbon contamination.

HTP Organic Oil Absorbent

This product is the perfect solution for those looking for an organic and all-natural way to absorb oil or fuel spills. This product is 100% organic, toxic, non-abrasive, and water-repellent. HTP can float on water just like oil or fuel and can absorb hydrocarbons in the presence of water without leaching it back out like kitty litter or polypropylene.

Our product encapsulates the hydrocarbon and cleans up easily and quickly. One 2-cubic ft (18-lb) bag can absorb and encapsulate up to 5-gallons of oil or fuel. HTP does not have to be landfilled once used (though it can be). Used HTP can be used as fuel at facilities with the proper EPA permits as it has a high BTU value.


DECON-IT Environmental Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Products are another environmentally friendly product offered by Cabeno Environmental designed for desorbing and liberating sorbed petroleum hydrocarbons.

Our proprietary blends of non-ionic surfactant formulations have a scientifically proven ability to remove jet fuel, diesel, motor oils and grease, chlorinated solvents, lubricants, Bunker-C, PCB, and related residues from a wide range of surfaces. This product is perfect for industrial and commercial cleaning needs.

CABENO Environmental – Committed to Excellence

At Cabeno Environmental, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment. Our products are all natural and designed to be eco-friendly and effective. Whether you are looking for a commercial grease cleaner, a concrete oil stain remover for your driveway, or something to remove transmission fluid buildup in a mechanic shop, we’ve got you covered.

Our quality commercial products are available for purchase online or in-store at select retailers. Contact us today for more information on our products and how we can help you maintain a clean and safe environment.

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