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Concrete Oil State Remover

CABENO Environmental stain removal demo using CABENO’s Degreaster/Surface Prep and CABENO’S Oil Stain Remover

CABENO Oil Stain Remover

Spills are inevitable, they happen in every business that is connected to the construction or industrial field as well as residential garages + patios around BBQs. The difference is how the spills/stains are handled! Are you wasting valuable time and resources and endless amounts of money on trying to clean up spills or remove oil, food or grease stains? CABENO provides a cost effective, all green and natural solution to this problem!

How It Works

A liquid, inorganic absorbent that utilizes ‘poultice’ technology to draw the hydrocarbon from sub-surfaces

  • EASY TO USE – Pour, let dry, brush off
  • EFFECTIVE – oil, grease, food oils
  • VERSATILE – for use on concrete, pavers, asphalt, etc
  • SAFE – no acids or bleach.


  • Save money on clean up and concrete repair costs
  • Service the clients needs above and beyond.
  • Easy simple 3 step process.
  • All green natural product.

Important Stain Remover Application Information

Stains are defined as below the surface; within the concrete, paver, or stone. If there is surficial oil/grease (typical with sports that experience continued staining) then first apply CABENO’s Surface Prep & Oil Remover for best results. CABENO’s Stain Remover pulls out whats in the concrete. CABENO’s Surface Prep removes what is on the surface.

CABENO Surface Prep & Oil Remover

Use this product for surface prep BEFORE using CABENO’s Oil Stain Remover if there is surficial oil/grease. That is, use this product if there is more than just staining below the surface. If you can wipe the surface with your finger and oil/grease is on your finger after wiping then you need to prep (clean) the surface with this product before using stain remover.

CABENO Surface Prep Oil Remover is unmatched for performance and versatility. It works 3x faster than the competition. It is a fast acting grease cleaner/motor oil remover but yet gentle enough for laundry and auto carpet stain treatment.

Our environmentally friendly product is a Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive water based formula that is free of bleach, acid and dyes.

Safe to use on:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Sealed Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Brass
  • Stainless
  • Tile
  • Aluminum



OSEII is a plant based enzyme that breaks down any hydrocarbon into a natural food source for the native bacteria in the natural environment. The end result of the native bacteria degradation process is CO2 and water. OSEII is not a bacteria, fertilizer or dispersant.

OSEII Benefits & Properties

OSEII is non-toxic to humans, animals, plants and marine life. Non-poisonous, non-irritating. Contains no known allergens (skin or respiratory).

OSEII is 100% biodegradable. Has a 5-year + shelf life in concentrate form when stored at temperatures below 120-degrees.

OSEII suppresses vapors and malodors by destroying/degrading the source – does not mask the odor.

OSEII reduces fire hazard associated with volatile hydrocarbons (fuels)

OSEII eliminates the need for disposal. No skimmers or vac-truck required; works great on soil, pavement, gravel, docks, driftwood, mangroves, boats, shorelines, etc.



HTP Organic Oil Absorbent is all natural, 100% organic, toxic, non-abrasive, and is water repellent. In fact, HTP will float on water just like oil or fuel and will absorb the hydrocarbon in the presence of water without leaching it back out like kitty litter or polypropylene. It will encapsulate the hydrocarbon and cleans up easily and quickly. One 2-cubic ft (18-lb) bag will absorb and encapsulate up to 5-gallons of oil or fuel. HYP does not have to be landfilled once used ( though it can be ). Used HTP can be used as a fuel at facilities with the proper EPA permits as it has a high BTU value.


HTP will outperform any conventional absorbent product on the market. Not only will it solidify and clean up oil on hard and dry surfaces, but will clean oil spills on water, wet surfaces, snow, ice, rainy weather and swampy environments. HTP works in any weather condition on any surface and any type of petroleum spill, large or small!

  • Floats on water
  • Non-leaching for landfilling
  • It’s microbial
  • Water repellent
  • Does not leach out what it absorbs
  • Economical because it is reusable
  • High BTU value for easy incineration
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-abrasive
  • Contains oil at the same time it absorbs
  • Encapsulates oil not just absorbs
  • Suppresses vapors



Non-Ionic Surface Cleaner

DECON-IT Environmental Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Products are comprised of proprietary blends of non-ionic surfactant formulations that have scientifically proven ability to desorb and liberate sorbed (adsorbed and absorbed) petroleum hydro-carbons (i.e. jet fuel, Diesel, motor oils and grease, chlorinated solvents, lubricants, Bunker-C), PCB and related residues from a wide range of surfaces.

DECON-IT Advantages:

  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Phosphate Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Irritating
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Easy Rinsing
  • Faster Than Conventional Products
  • pH Neutral

DECON-IT has many applications that can help eliminate the hazards of contaminants in the workplace, from laboratories, to commercial and industrial facilities, to oil and gas drilling and processing environments. The product’s advantages make it deal from cleaning surfaces and materials including: glass, stainless steel metals, plastic, fiberglass, cement, porcelain, and ceramics. DECON-IT is sprayable and can be used in steam injection cleaning, circulated or left to stand. DECON-IT can also be applied by hand as a cleaner with a sponge, brush or cloth.

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