Oil and Fuel Stain Removal From: Concrete, Asphalt, Patio and Pavers


CABENO provides oil stain removal from: Concrete, asphalt, patio, pavers, sides of buildings, parking lots, garage floors, etc.

We use products that are not only the most effective oil stain removing products on the market, but also the most environmentally safe. Our products and process are safe for multiple surfaces. Unlike most stain removers on the market today which use harmful chemical compounds to attack oil and grease stains; ours do not. No bleach, acid or other potentially hazardous materials.


We will get it out:

  • Oil stains on garage floors
  • Food oil and grease staining on your patio and around your BBQ
  • Driveway stains
  • Parking lot oil staining
  • Gas stations around pump islands
  • Oil on cut stone and pavers

Old or new, we can get that stain out. We utilize two products for our process

Proprietary Paste is a green, biodegradable, deep penetration formula that lifts stains out from porous surfaces like concrete, asphalt, brick, cut stone, pavers, etc..

We believe that harsh chemicals are a major problem in our world today; harming fish, wildlife, plants, insects, and the very survival of our planet.

We believe that instead of using harsh chemicals, there are better ways to deal with some of the worst cleaning problems. Out of this concern we have decided to use only the two products described above when combined with our process allows for a green, safe, and powerful result that outperforms harsh chemicals.

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