General / Miscellaneous Environmental Field Services

Groundwater Sampling

Based on CABENO’s technical strengths in geology, hydrogeology, regulatory awareness, and sampling methodology experience, we currently conduct regular groundwater monitoring activities at six solid waste facilities, several industrial sites, and the occasional last minute large groundwater sampling event.

CABENO combines in-depth knowledge of the governing solid waste regulations chemistry, hydrogeology, and geology with practical “hands-on” groundwater sampling, surface water sampling and NPDES discharge sampling.

CABENO’s approach to the success of a client’s project focuses on understanding the facility, utilizing established field-tested systems for coordinating the monitoring activities and direct communication with the client from the sampling crew. CABENO’s adroit management of projects significantly reduce the amount of time client’s typically devote to overseeing these tasks allowing them to focus on larger strategic issues for their facilities. In order for CABENO’s project management to meet this objective, CABENO must communicate effectively with the clients, understand the “big picture” for the sites, and be sensitized to the regulator’s perception of the facilities. We believe in addressing issues before they become major problems (ex. Poor well integrity, noticeable presence of gas, broken pump, free product, etc.). We are not just at the site to collect samples. We view ourselves as client advocates; therefore, we will discuss site issues as they arise, provide options to address those issues (ex. Bail when pump is broken, repair wells, earlier notice to shut down leachate pumps before sampling, etc.), implement the issue resolutions, and fiercely defend the options chosen with scientifically and legally supportable data.

Monitoring Well Repair

CABENO routinely performs monitoring well inspection and repairs. Well repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Steel protective cover replacement either whole or parts;
  • Well pad repair or demo and replacement;
  • Well riser height addition/reduction;
  • Annular space sealing/filling;
  • Bollard installation and/or addition;
  • Downhole camera inspection.

Downhole Camera

CABENO offers downhole camera services. The downhole camera is excellent for inspecting the condition of well riser and screen, clearly shows color variations caused by contaminants of mineral deposits, and is useful when fishing out bailers, pumps or dropped/lost tools. CABENO operates two camera systems:

  • Downhole Camera #1: Well-Vu brand, 500-foot depth capable, 1.5-inch O.D. high resolution camera with 18 LED lights. The kit includes a 7-inch LCD monitor with DVR and on-screen depth display. We can record the view, create an electronic file and provide to well owner for their own viewing. This camera works well for wells and open boreholes, vertical logging.
  • Downhole Camera #2: is a Texas Municipal Equipment brand, U-Vue color push camera inspection system with a DVR player/recorder. The camera is 1.67-inch O.D., 2.375-inches long and has 21 LED lights. The camera kit includes 10.5-inch LCD display, 200-feet long and includes on screen depth display and electronic file recordable capable. This camera system is designed for horizontal pipe runs but works well for vertical wells and open boreholes also.

Coordination of Waste Hauling and Disposal

CABENO routinely provides turnkey site remedial services which includes excavation, loading, transportation and offsite disposal of:

  • Concrete;
  • Soil;
  • Structure demo;
  • Clearing and grubbing wastes.

CABENO will collect the required soil samples needed for offsite waste disposal, process and submit required manifests and manage coordination with disposal facility. CABENO provides these services for CCDD, Special Waste, Non-Special Waste, and Hazardous Wastes.

Test Pits and Excavation

CABENO provides test pit, trenching and excavation services.

Remediation System Installation, Operation and Maintenance

CABENO has 20-years of experience designing, installing/constructing, then operating and maintaining remedial systems. CABENO will provide portions or turnkey services for the following types of systems.

  • Dualphase extraction;
  • Free product LNAPL recovery;
  • SVE and Air Sparge;
  • Slow feed (continuous feed) injection;
  • Landfill methane extraction systems.

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