CABENO Oil Stain Remover

CABENO Oil Stain Remover

Spills are inevitable, they happen in every business that is connected to the construction or industrial field as well as residential garages + patios around BBQs. The difference is how the spills/stains are handled! Are you wasting valuable time and resources and endless amounts of money on trying to clean up spills or remove oil, food or grease stains? CABENO provides a cost effective, all green and natural solution to this problem!

How It Works

A liquid, inorganic absorbent that utilizes ‘poultice’ technology to draw the hydrocarbon from sub-surfaces

  • EASY TO USE – Pour, let dry, brush off
  • EFFECTIVE – oil, grease, food oils
  • VERSATILE – for use on concrete, pavers, asphalt, etc
  • SAFE – no acids or bleach.


  • Save money on clean up and concrete repair costs
  • Service the clients needs above and beyond.
  • Easy simple 3 step process.
  • All green natural product.

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