Emergency Cleanup Services for Fuel and Oil

At CABENO, we pride ourselves on providing expert emergency cleanup services for fuel, oil, and any other hydrocarbon spills. Our crew and equipment are available around the clock, all year long, ensuring that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency. Whether it’s a hydraulic oil spill in a warehouse or a diesel spill on your commercial property, CABENO is available 24 hours a day—every day.

Why Choose CABENO?

What sets us apart from other emergency cleanup services is our truly unique process we utilize to clean up oil spills and other hydrocarbon contamination. Our process represents a paradigm shift in the emergency fuel and oil spill cleanup industry, as we use different products and provide a more cost-effective service. Our service is very affordable, especially considering the benchmark results we deliver.

Most of our calls are for spills ranging from 1 gallon to 350 gallons, but we are more than capable of responding to larger spills either independently or as part of a larger response team. Our services are diverse and adaptable, allowing us to handle a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants, including gasoline, jet fuel, hydraulic oil, machine oil, crude oil, diesel fuel spill cleanups, and even food grease.

Environmentally Friendly Oil Spill Cleanup

One of the highlights of our service is that it is 100% green and truly sustainable. We take pride in the fact that we leave zero waste, zero landfill, and zero liability behind. Our service is environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and animals, and even the marine environment.

We have provided our services to many industries, including those dealing with fuel spills while filling tanks, roadway accidents resulting in the release of vehicle hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluid spill cleanup from broken hydraulic lines on heavy equipment. We are also equipped to handle concrete/roadway staining from broken hydraulic lines and/or waste trucks, oil in triple basins, sheen on water surfaces in harbors, and ruptured tanks within industrial facility process areas.


Our Proven Process

CABENO’s Ultra-Violet SpotlightOnce we receive a call and arrive on-site, our spill response team assesses the site conditions and spill details, formulating a triaged cleanup. Our team will place HTP Organic Oil Absorbent (HTP) around the spill and/or the drain if free hydrocarbon liquids are present and a storm drain/surface water body is nearby.

HTP suppresses vapors from volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating flammability hazards, and encapsulates the hydrocarbon, preventing leaching and eliminating TCLP exceedances for Benzene. The HTP is then picked up and placed in sealed bins for transport back to our facility.

Any residual hydrocarbon staining on the pavement, soil, surface water, landscaping, etc. is washed down with Oil Spill Eater II (OSEII), a bioremediation concentrate that breaks down hydrocarbons on contact for fast biodegradation. The used HTP is picked up from our shop monthly and used as fuel for a cement kiln, requiring no landfilling of wastes from our spill cleanups.

On-Site Rapid Testing

One of the unique tools that CABENO carries on its response vehicles is a handheld ultraviolet spotlight. This state-of-the-art LED technology is perfect for identifying the limits of a hydrocarbon spill, especially in low light conditions, and enables oil spill cleanup crews and supporting scientists to easily identify and delineate hydrocarbons, especially if they have mixed with wetland, marsh, mud, or vegetation.

Using this technology, we can ensure that the entire area of the spill is identified, reducing, or even eliminating, sample and lab expenses.

Expert Environmental Cleanup Contractor

At CABENO, we are committed to providing the highest quality emergency hydrocarbon cleanup services for any size spill. Our process is efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, ensuring that we leave zero waste, zero landfill, and zero liability behind. Contact us today for all of your emergency environmental cleanup needs and environmental remediation services.

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