Emergency Fuel and Oil Spill Cleanup Services

CABENO provides fuel, oil or any hydrocarbon emergency cleanup services.  Our crew and equipment is available 24/7/365.  Our process is truly unique to the emergency fuel & oil spill cleanup market; it represents a paradigm shift in how the process is provided, what products are used, and how inexpensive the service is.   Most of our calls are within the 1-gallon to 350-gallon spill; however we can and will respond to larger spills either independently or as part of a larger response team.

Examples of the hydrocarbons our service remediates:

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Machine Oil
  • Crude Oil
  • Food Grease

Highlights of our service:

  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Landfill
  • Zero Liability
  • 100% Green and truly sustainable

Examples of where and how our services are being used:

  • Fuel spill while filling tanks
  • Roadway accident resulting in release of vehicle hydrocarbons
  • Broken hydraulic lines from heavy equipment
  • Concrete/roadway staining from broken hydraulic lines and/or waste trucks
  • Oil in triple basin
  • Sheen on water surface in harbor
  • Ruptured tank within industrial facility process area

How our Process & Service Works

Once we receive the call and arrive onsite our spill response team obviously assess site conditions, spill details and begins to formulate a triaged cleanup.  Typically if free hydrocarbon liquids are present and a storm drain/surface water body is nearby we start by placing HTP Organic Oil Absorbent (HTP) around the spill and/or the drain.  Then we apply HTP to any free liquids present on the ground or surface water.  HTP suppresses vapors from volatile hydrocarbons (eliminating flammability hazards) and encapsulates the hydrocarbon and prevents leaching (eliminating TCLP exceedances for Benzene).  The HTP is then picked up and placed in sealed bins for transport back to our facility.  Any residual hydrocarbon staining on the pavement, soil, surface water, landscaping, etc. is washed down with Oil Spill Eater II (OSEII).  OSEII is a bioremediation concentrate that when mixed with water and applied to hydrocarbons begins to break them down on contact for fast biodegradation.  Click the video link to watch OSEII in action.  The used HTP is picked up from our shop monthly and used as fuel for a cement kiln, requiring no landfilling of wastes from our spill cleanups.

OSEII in action:


Ultra-Violet Spotlight for Hydrocarbon Detection

CABENO’s Ultra-Violet SpotlightHydrocarbon detection using CABENO’s hand held UV LED technology is the cleanest and most efficient method of determining/delineating hydrocarbon spills on water, ground surface etc. in low light to no light conditions. Use of this technology enables oil spill cleanup crews and supporting scientists to easily identify and delineate hydrocarbons, especially so if they have mixed with wetland, marsh, mud, vegetation in log light conditions. Many natural materials fluoresce under UV light in the known wavelength range that induces hydrocarbon fluorescence. Highlights of this technology:

  • Handheld device.
  • State of the art LED technology. No other spill contractor on the market is using this technology.
  • Perfect for identifying the limits of a hydrocarbon spill, especially in low light conditions.
  • Ensures entire area of spill is identified.
  • Reduces/eliminates sample and lab expenses.

A unique tool that CABENO carries on it’s response vehicles is a hand held ultra-violet spotlight.  This hand held device is perfect for identifying the limits of a hydrocarbon spill, especially for night use when light conditions are least conducive.  Can ensure entire area of a spill is identified.

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