Hollow Stem Auger Drilling in Madison & Southeast Wisconsin

A Comprehensive Guide to Geoprobe, Direct Push, and Hollow Stem Auger Systems

When considering advanced drilling techniques in Madison, WI, the terms “Geoprobe,” “Direct Push,” and “Hollow Stem Auger” often come to the fore. These systems represent the pinnacle of modern drilling technology, offering precision, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Understanding Geoprobe Systems

A Geoprobe is a highly specialized, hydraulically driven, direct push percussion/probing machine. Engineered specifically for the environmental sector, this machine enables the pushing of tools and sensors deep into the earth, regardless of soil conditions, without the traditional need for a drilling rig to remove soil or create a pathway.

The primary benefits of a Geoprobe include:

  • Obtaining continuous or discrete soil samples without significant soil disruption.
  • Efficient ground water sampling or vapor sample collection.
  • Permanent installation capabilities for groundwater, gas, or sparging points.

At the heart of the operation is the vehicle’s static weight, bolstered by percussion, which drives the tool string, providing accurate and deep soil probing.

CABENO’S Geoprobe Models

Renowned for our commitment to efficient drilling, CABENO operates several Geoprobe models in Madison and the surrounding areas. These include the 6600, 6620DT, 6610DT, 7822, 420M hand cart, and a unique jackhammer system tailored for confined spaces.

Notably, the 6610/20DT models stand out because of their exceptional power, boasting 35,000 lbs. of downward force and 42,000 lbs. of retraction force. These track-mounted units, celebrated for their compactness and maneuverability, effectively traverse terrains from shallow waters to muddy fields. Additionally, the 420M, equipped with a GH42 soil probing hammer, requires minimal clearance, making it ideal for tight spots.

Key Tools Offered by CABENO

To enhance sampling and site characterization, CABENO provides several indispensable tools:

  • Macro-Core Sampling System: This features a 2-inch O.D. x 60-inch long sample barrel, ensuring continuous soil core recovery. The samples, which are stored in clear plastic liners, offer unparalleled clarity and detail for analysis.
  • 3.25-inch Dual Tube Sampling System: This dual-tube system boasts a 3.25-inch O.D. casing, streamlining the collection of continuous soil cores. Its unique design minimizes contamination risk and allows for efficient monitoring well installations.
  • Hollow Stem Auger System: With this system, clients can easily advance 4.25-inch and 6.25-inch I.D. augers to depths of up to 50-feet below the ground. It’s particularly suitable for setting up 2-inch and 4-inch diameter monitoring wells.
  • Spring Point Groundwater Sampling System: This innovative system lets users access groundwater samples at various depths. Its versatility ensures that both groundwater and non-aqueous phase contaminants can be effectively sampled.

The Bottom Line

For those in Madison, WI, and the Southeast Wisconsin region, seeking unparalleled precision in drilling, the choice is clear. With tools like the Geoprobe, Direct Push, and Hollow Stem Auger systems, CABENO stands at the forefront of drilling technology, delivering results that are not only accurate but also environmentally conscious.

If you are managing a project, and you are searching for a reliable partner for your soil sampling needs, reach out to our knowledgeable team at CABENO Environmental today.

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