Fast Fuel and Oil Spill Clean Up — Madison, Wisconsin

Caught up in a sudden oil, fuel, or other hydrocarbon spill in Madison? Stay calm, CABENO is here to assist you promptly. Day or night, our experienced team is ready with the latest gear to tackle any spill emergencies efficiently.

Our unique oil spill response sets us apart, offering affordable solutions without skimping on quality. Whether it’s an emergency involving an overturned tanker or a hydraulic oil spill cleanup in Madison, WI, you can rely on our skilled crew to manage the situation effectively.

We’re usually called for hazardous substance spills that range between 1 and 350 gallons, but we are also equipped to manage larger spills, either alone or as part of a larger team.

We Handle Spills of These Hydrocarbons:

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Jet Fuel

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Machine Oil

  • Crude Oil

  • Food Grease

Highlights of Our Services:

  • No Waste

  • No Landfill Use

  • No Liability

  • Fully Eco-friendly

How Madison Benefits from Our Services

We have specialized strategies to deal with different kinds of spill incidents in Madison, including:

  • Leaks during fuel tank refills

  • Road crashes causing hydrocarbon spills

  • Hydraulic line breaks from heavy machines

  • Stains on roads and concrete from broken hydraulic lines, grease spills, or garbage trucks

  • Oil found in triple basins

  • Oil sheens on harbor water surfaces

  • Broken tanks in industrial areas

Our Cleanup Approach

When you call us, our quick-acting team heads to your location to assess the situation and plan an effective cleanup strategy. For spills close to storm drains or bodies of water, we use HTP Organic Oil Absorbent to capture and seal the spill, stopping harmful vapors and leaks.

After the cleanup, we treat any leftover stains with Oil Spill Eater II (OSEII), a strong solution that quickly breaks down hydrocarbons, degrading them rapidly into a natural food source for the native bacteria in the natural environment.

Using Ultra-Violet Spotlight for Spotting Hydrocarbons

We use cutting-edge technology like CABENO’s handheld UV LED spotlight for finding hydrocarbon spills. This efficient tool helps us spot and outline hydrocarbon spills even in the dark, helping to clearly identify spill boundaries, reducing the need for expensive lab tests.

Environment-Friendly Oil and Fuel Spill Cleanup in Madison

CABENO’s dedication to Madison and nearby areas in Wisconsin is shown in our use of advanced cleanup methods and technology. As a leading eco-friendly oil spill cleanup company in Madison, we are focused on ensuring a cleaner, safer space for both our clients and the wider community.

If you are in need of fast and efficient fuel and oil spill cleanup services in and around Madison, get in touch with us for a professional and swift response.

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