Groundwater Sampling

Groundwater SamplingManage and conduct quarterly groundwater sampling programs for LUST sites, Superfund sites, solid waste facilities, etc.. CABENO currently conducts quarterly groundwater sampling at eight solid waste facilities.

CABENO provides environmental technical field support services in the areas of hazardous and solid waste management, and industrial waste management. Based on our technical strengths in geology, hydrogeology, regulatory awareness, and sampling methodology experience, we currently conduct regular environmental monitoring activities at ten solid waste facilities. Environmental monitoring at these ten facilities includes quarterly or semi-annual groundwater sampling.

CABENO combines in-depth knowledge of the governing solid waste regulations, chemistry, hydrogeology, and geology with practical “hands-on” groundwater sampling, surface water sampling and gas monitoring experience. CABENO’s approach to the success of a client’s project focuses on understanding the facility, utilizing established field-tested systems for coordinating the monitoring activities and direct communication with the client. CABENO’s adroit management of projects significantly reduce the amount of time client’s typically devote to overseeing these tasks allowing them to focus on larger strategic issues for their facilities.

In order for CABENO’s project management to meet this objective, CABENO must communicate effectively with the clients, understand the “big picture” for the sites, and be sensitized to the regulator’s perception of the facilities. We believe in addressing issues before they become major problems (ex. poor well integrity, noticeable presence of gas, broken pump). We are not just at the site to collect samples. We view ourselves as client advocates; therefore, we will discuss site issues as they arise, provide options to address those issues (ex. bail when broken pump, repair wells, earlier notice to shut down leachate pumps before sampling), implement the issue resolutions, and fiercely defend the options chosen with scientifically and legally supportable data.

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