Landfill Gas Collection and Control Systems

Landfills are essential for waste management, but they also produce gases that can be hazardous to human health and the environment. The gases produced in landfills, known as landfill gas, include methane, carbon dioxide, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To manage these gases and protect public health and the environment, a landfill gas system is necessary.

What is a Landfill Gas System?

A landfill gas system is designed to capture and control the gases produced in landfills. The system typically includes a series of wells that are drilled into the landfill to collect the gas. The collected gas is then treated and either used as an energy source or released into the atmosphere in a controlled manner.

Landfill gas systems are essential for protecting public health and the environment. Without a landfill gas system, the gases produced in landfills can migrate into the surrounding area, potentially causing harm to nearby communities and the environment.

CABENO Environmental Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems

Managing and maintaining a landfill gas system requires specialized expertise and equipment. The following are some of the services offered by CABENO Environmental:

Groundwater Sampling

Quarterly groundwater sampling programs are essential to ensure that landfill gas is not affecting groundwater quality. The sampling program is conducted at various solid waste landfills, Superfund sites, LUST sites, and other locations that experience leachate generation. The samples collected are analyzed to determine whether there are any contaminants present in the groundwater.

Inspection and Repair of Monitoring and Gas Wells

Monitoring wells and gas wells are essential components of a landfill gas system. They are used to monitor gas and groundwater quality and collect gas for treatment. Inspecting, repairing, or replacing monitoring and gas wells ensures that the landfill gas system is functioning correctly.

Health and Safety Monitoring

During the construction of a remediation system, health and safety monitoring is necessary to protect workers and the surrounding community. General health and safety monitoring ensures that the construction process is safe and compliant with applicable regulations.

Operation and Maintenance of Landfill Gas Management Systems

The operation and maintenance of a landfill gas management system are essential to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. This includes monitoring gas quality, treating gas, and maintaining equipment.

Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Systems

Remediation systems are designed to remove contaminants from soil and groundwater. The operation and maintenance of remediation systems, including landfill leachate interceptor trench, perimeter gas collection systems, and groundwater treatment systems, are essential to ensure that the systems are functioning correctly.

Test Pits

Test pits are excavated to determine the composition of the soil and to assess the presence of any contaminants. Test pits are used to determine the appropriate remediation strategy for a particular site.


Demolition is necessary when buildings or structures need to be removed from a site. Demolition services may be required when preparing a site for a landfill gas system or during the construction of a remediation system.

Soil and Groundwater Removal

Soil and groundwater removal is necessary when contaminants are present in the soil or groundwater. The removal process may involve excavation, pumping, or other techniques to remove the contaminants.

Construction of Remediation Systems

The construction of remediation systems involves the design and installation of systems to remove contaminants from soil and groundwater. The construction process may include the excavation of test pits, the installation of monitoring wells, and the construction of treatment systems.

Coordination and Oversight of Special and Non-Special Waste Hauling

Special and non-special waste hauling is necessary to transport waste to the appropriate disposal facilities. The coordination and oversight of waste hauling ensures that waste is transported safely and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Landscaping and Site Restoration

Landscaping and site restoration are necessary to restore the site to its original condition after the construction of a landfill gas system or remediation system. This includes the removal of construction debris, regrading of the site, and the planting of vegetation.

Why Choose CABENO Environmental

Managing a landfill gas system requires specialized expertise and equipment. CABENO has the necessary expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to manage and maintain a landfill gas system. We also have the necessary permits and certifications to comply with state and federal regulations.

In addition to the wide range of services we provide, we offer industry leading customer service and customized strategies to meet your specific needs.

Reach out to our team today and we can help ensure that your landfill gas system is functioning correctly and compliant with state and federal regulations.

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