Landfill Gas System

  • Manage and conduct quarterly groundwater sampling programs for LUST sites, Superfund sites, solid waste facilities, etc.. (CABENO currently conducts quarterly groundwater sampling at various solid waste facilities).
  • Inspect, repair or replace monitoring wells and gas wells.
  • General health and safety monitoring during remediation system construction.
  • Operate and maintain (O&M) landfill gas management systems.
  • O&M remediation systems. CABENO currently manages over 3,300 linear feet of landfill leachate interceptor trench, perimeter gas collection systems, and is involved in the O&M of several groundwater treatment systems including one SVE and Sparge system.

Other services:

  • Test pits
  • Demolition
  • Soil and groundwater removal
  • Construction of remediation systems
  • Coordination and oversight of special and non-special waste hauling
  • Landscaping and site restoration.

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