Hollow Stem Auger Drilling in Milwaukee and S.E. Wisconsin

In the realm of environmental and geotechnical industries, acquiring precise and dependable soil samples is paramount for comprehensive site characterization, effective remediation, and ongoing monitoring. Hollow stem auger drilling, also known as hollow stem auger boring, stands out as a versatile and widely utilized method for obtaining reliable samples while mitigating the risk of cross-contamination.

CABENO Environmental, a frontrunner in environmental services, offers top-tier hollow stem auger drilling services that guarantee accurate and reliable outcomes for your projects in Milwaukee and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Introducing Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

Hollow stem auger drilling involves a method that employs a series of interconnected hollow augers to bore into the ground. This process creates a cased hole that facilitates soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, or well installation. As the augers penetrate the earth, the hollow design allows for the efficient extraction of soil cuttings, which are then collected for analysis or appropriate disposal.

With a range of advantages including efficient boring, minimal cross-contamination risk, and the capacity to install monitoring wells through the casing, hollow stem auger drilling is an exceptional solution for several applications.

How Hollow Stem Auger Drilling Works

The procedure entails specialized drilling equipment to drive a series of hollow, interconnected augers into the ground. These hollow augers capture soil cuttings as they rotate and advance, ultimately transporting them to the surface for analysis and collection. Once the desired depth is reached, diverse sampling tools can be inserted through the hollow stem, enabling the retrieval of continuous or discrete soil samples, groundwater samples, or the installation of monitoring wells.

CABENO Environmental’s Proficiency

CABENO Environmental emerges as a trusted provider of hollow stem auger drilling services. We harness cutting-edge technology and equipment, allowing our highly skilled technicians to deliver precise and streamlined soil sampling solutions. Our adept team boasts extensive experience across various applications, guaranteeing the highest caliber of service tailored to your unique project demands.

Drilling Process Flexibility

CABENO Environmental offers a spectrum of auger rigs, pilot bits, and drilling techniques to optimize hollow stem auger drilling for your project, encompassing:

  • Macro-Core Sampling System: Suitable for continuous soil core recovery, this system employs a 2-inch O.D. x 60-inch long sample barrel. The clear plastic liners facilitate easy visual inspection and analysis, and optional piston points ensure effective sampling.

  • 3.25-inch Dual Tube Sampling System: Featuring a 3.25-inch O.D. casing and a 2.75-inch O.D. inner sampling rod system, this dual tube sampling system allows faster coring and eliminates cross-contamination, ensuring reliable sampling.

  • Hollow Stem Auger System: This versatile system facilitates the advancement of 4.25-inch and 6.25-inch I.D. augers to depths of up to 50-feet. It caters to the installation of monitoring wells for comprehensive groundwater monitoring and environmental assessment projects.

  • Spring Point Groundwater Sampling System: An innovative system for obtaining groundwater samples at depth, this tool enables effective sampling of groundwater and non-aqueous phase contaminants.

Why Choose CABENO Environmental

CABENO Environmental’s unwavering commitment to excellence makes us the optimal choice for your project needs. Our proficient team executes projects with meticulous attention to detail, precision, and efficiency. Here’s why you should choose CABENO Environmental for your hollow stem auger drilling and other soil sampling solutions in southeastern Wisconsin:

  • Expertise: Our experienced team specializes in hollow stem auger drilling, equipped to tackle diverse project demands and overcome challenges using the latest industry advancements and best practices.

  • Comprehensive Services: CABENO Environmental offers a comprehensive suite of drilling, remediation, and monitoring services, making us a comprehensive solution provider for your environmental and geotechnical project needs.

  • Advanced Equipment: We leverage cutting-edge equipment and advanced drilling techniques for maximal efficiency and accuracy, ensuring your project meets the highest standards.

  • Safety and Compliance: Safety remains paramount for CABENO Environmental. We adhere to strict safety protocols and regulatory standards to ensure projects are completed responsibly and securely.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the uniqueness of each project and tailor our services to align with your objectives. Our team collaborates closely with you to devise a customized drilling plan that suits your goals and schedule.

When it comes to environmental field services, CABENO Environmental emerges as a dependable partner, offering accurate, efficient, and ecologically conscious drilling and sampling solutions. Reach out to us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how our suite of services can aid you in achieving your goals.

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